Training your dog to come to you

A really important skill for your dog to know is to come when they’re called. This makes it easy for you to control your dog and keep from harm, as well as your dog harming anybody else. If your dog decides not come to you when you ask him to you, he might get hit by a car. Thus it is a good idea that you should really make sure that your dog is well trained in the arts of coming to you when you ask it to.

Make sure they will heed your call and not just standing there
How to train your dog to come to you.
It is relatively easy to train your dog to come to you when you call it. Just saying praise and giving treats will be everything that you need to do and within a few weeks your dog should be great at it. One of the few things that people forget is that dogs forget. If you want your dog to remember everything, to remember all of the tricks and commands that you teach it. You’re going to need to retrain those every once in a while, so every few months spend about half an hour to an hour to call your dog come to you again. Just this is just to shape up.
Just like humans dogs learn the best when they are having fun. This gets the dog motivated and active in the training as well as gets you to really have fun as well. When you’re training your dog, not only are you trying to train it but you try and spend quality time, you’re trying to have fun.
A great game that you should play when you have maybe 2 to 4 people is calling you dog back and forth. Your dog will be awarded with treats whenever he goes to the right person, this is really effective in fun as long is as you have the right amount of people.
Then we should take this to the next, call your dog when he is asleep or when he is far away from you. This is the most important-training because you want your dog to come to you even if you can barely hear you. Again this will prevent a lot of accidents, both towards your dog and if your dog will ever harm anyone.