A Healthy,Handsome(or pretty) Pet

Bathing and ensuring that your puppies and dogs are clean is very important
Although it is very important to train your dogs and keep them trained in a way that they will keep their training sharp you also need to make sure that they are fed, cleaned, and taken cared of well.
Feeding your dog: This is very important for dogs of any age, just because your dog is young doesn’t mean that you can feed it anything. Another things is that some foods that we eat are dangerous to dogs and can cause them to be poisoned or injured in some way.

Here is a link to the list of foods and what they can cause:
You also have to take into account of what will happens as your dog gets older, like any human being if you eat a lot of unhealthy foods when you get older it will eventually bite you in the butt. So keep that in mind if you decide to give your dog something really greasy or unhealthy. If you go with just standard dog food that you buy from stores that are the best, combine that with either a bowl or water i really the healthiest for your dog.
Keeping your dog cleaned:)
People tend to skip this because they are busy or they think that since their dog is shedding they do not need to do cleaning of their dogs. This is totally false, especially during the summer times your dog can get a lot of diseases and different things that you do not want to get inside of your house. Simply brush your dogs coat is all your need in order to keep that done.
Your pets will sure appreciate and love the attention given to them
When it comes to cleaning your dog, like bathing it specifically make sure you do a through cleaning. You do not want these bacteria in your dogs skin to become bigger and make it a bigger mess.
Keep these in mind and have a good doggy day!