5 Harmful Human food’s for Dogs

If you ever had a few pieces left from your dinner and lunch and you decide to feed it to your dog as a treat? Of course, everyone has, i mean have you tasted the food that they eat. It is disgusting and you wonder if your dog even gets any sort of enjoyment from it. The negative side to this is that some foods that human eat are possibly toxic to your dogs, make sure that you know this information before feeding something to your dog.

Top 10 Dangerous Dog foods
1)Grapes-Grapes can cause heavy damage to the kidney that cannot be repaired, the typical ratial is 5 grapes per 20 lbs. The rest you can figure out yourself to see what is dangerous for your dog. *You can tell if your dog has digested this by the fact that they are having diarrhea or if they are vomiting.
2)Onions-A very nutritious vegetable but only for the likes of humans. Onions causes anemia which is the destruction of blood cells, plus kidney damage as well.
3)Chocolate (or anything with cocoa in it): Cocoa contain a specific chemical known as theobromide, this breaks down your dog’s heart, lungs, kidney and the central nervous system.
Here is some more!
4)Caffeine: Anything with caffeine in it is bad for your dog, just like cocoa it
damages the lungs, heart, kidneys and nervous system. You can see your dog being restless or being hyperactive as a sign that he has digested some sort or form of caffeine.
5)Ethanol: Things such as alcohol and oil can be very hazardous to your dog. Uncooked dough also contains ethanol so make sure that your dog never eats anything like that. Ethanol is like poison to your dog as it destroys the nervous system, this happens almost instantly as it is absorbed into their system. Make sure to take actions quickly if you every noticed your dog like this. Even a small amount may cause damage.
We all love our dogs and want to give it a treat from the dinner table, this is normal and okay as long as you know what you are giving him. Keep on training your dogs!