Professional dog training secrets

Best time to train your dogs is when they are still young puppies
The techniques that professionals use to solve dog training behavioral problems such as barking, chewing, and toileting all over your house is simple you just have never tried it yet. Most of the time these professionals know how we dog learns. Today we’re going to teach you how to train a dog, through showing you how they learn.
1. Positive rewarding: dogs want something they can get again, but eventually they learn to do something even without the reward. Example: if you tell your dog just to sit and give him a treat for two weeks, you’ll see that the next time you tell your dog to sit it will do it without even having to get the treat.
2. Reinforcement through negative ways: this is a way where you force, or scare you dog to doing something. In example: if you see your dog toileting over the house, rollup newspaper and smack and you had to make this loud noise, do this every time your dog the size toilet over your house and eventually your dog will learn to not do that in the future.
Many dog trainers have the idea that if you keep rewarding your dog eventually your dog will learn the things that you try to teach it. This isn’t true for many dogs, not all dogs of the same and not all of him learn the same way. Some dogs need to be reinforced negatively while others can be positively reinforced, you just have to try both ways and see which one actually works on your dog.
Good luck training your dog