The simple guide to training your dog

Your relationship with your dog is very important to have especially at the beginning. Building a strong base for your relationship to grow between you and your dog will have many good outcomes. Without good training between you and your dog you might have problems that you cannot overcome later in the stages of training.

Dogs can be trained to do all sorts of tricks as long as you follow the right method
Many of the times you can find these in books yet books have a lot of information that you do not really need. They’re thick and very comprehensive at times, so here’s a list of important things that you need. Become a dog trainer, training a dog with the most efficient way possible with these simple yet essential tips.
1. Alpha: means that you are the leader, that you are the one in control and that your dog should respect you. Make sure that you establish the fact that you are the boss, Alpha. What it means is in your voice you have to have a firm and consistent level of mastery, this way your dog will know who you respect and you will have a way of teaching your dog.
2. Rules are something that is essential in every dog’s life, and keeping those rules consistent is even more important. To train your dog yet to make sure the dog follows a strict set of rules that he or she cannot break. Things such as “barking”, “jumping on people” are things that should be on the Sudanese list of rules. If you do not enforce these rules your dog will think that he or she can do whatever they like boss you will lose control over.
3. Be gentle, your dog shows you the same emotion that you show him or her. If you are aggressive your dog that he or she will be aggressive back. Dog training should be a pleasant and very relaxed experience.
4. Have a consistent schedule. If you take your dog on a walk six in the morning, 4 that afternoon, and eight o’clock at night. Once you sat consistent timing then your dogs body will get used to the timings. This way your dog will not have an accident!
Training your dog is important in keeping these in mind would be even more important
How about during winter? Should you risk yourself training your dog during cold weather? Or should you abandon the routine for something else more important.