Great Dane:Information and Training tips

Information and Description
Great Danes are a big breed of dogs, they have a lot of features that would make them an awesome. First of all they are a pretty big dog, so it is not good if you have children, they are very nice though but accidents do happen so it is just a word of advice. Another great thing about great danes is that they have a lot of good watchdog qualities. They have an excellent sense of smell and have a knack for telling who is the intruder. Another thing about this dog breed is that they are also big, well i mean if you cannot tell by the name they are a large dog. So in a sense if you have a large dog, i mean LARGE dog at your doorstep a robber does not really like to rob you.

They are a big dog with a square chest, with a pretty large head. There ears are like wolves, erect and proportional to there head. They can weight from 100-200 pounds, so as much as standard humans.
Since Great Dane’s are a large dog they take more time to develop there muscles so it is a good idea to not let them run until they are at least 1 year old. Take it for a walk or something, but not running, it will be bad for the developing muscles.
Other than they Great Dane’s are a very smart dog and will do just amount anything that you are willing to spend the time to teach it.

Great Dane Big Dog

Little girl enjoying her time petting her Great Dane

Great Dane Puppies

A pup waiting for adoption