Dalmatian-Care and Training Tips

Dalmatians are usually recognized because of the movie:101 Dalmatians. Not only are they popular in movies but they are also a popular breed of dogs as well. They are a long strong muscular dog and the spots of black and white on there skin makes them stand out compared to many of the other dogs. They are a medium sized dog, meaning they are around 2-4ft long and around 40-60 pounds. Not bad for family dog, they are the kinds of dogs that are put in family’s as opposed to any other kinds of services or anything like that. Another great information about this breed of dogs is that they are really cute and loving!
Training Information
To train these types of dogs you should not really have any sort of trouble actually training them. They are for the most part very smart and can learn at a fast rate. Of course everyone makes mistakes so if it does keep your cool and explain to your dog what happened or what went wrong. A thing you should keep out for is Dalmatians are very playful dogs, even if they are able to learn there playfulness usually comes into play and it is hard for you to get them to actually the training sessions.

Cool & Cute Dalmatian Photos
A nice looking doggie

Cute Dalmatian Pictures

Cute Dalmatian Puppy

Dalmatian Photos