Dog training preparations

Make sure you dog receives the best of everything before you start your rigorous training
Prepare yourself for the worst or the best(with a treat) as it can be a really easy thing to train your dog or it may be the worst thing that you experience. It really depends on the dog and if they respect and like you.
Here are some of the things that you need physically when you are about to train your dog.
*Quiet Environment
*Concentrated time:1-2 hours
*Treats(Of course!!)
*Chew toy
These are what you might call the standard 4, they are all the things that you need to begin your dog training. Now depending on how to train your dog you will need different things. The four must have preparation things that is listed are things that are needed in order to have a successful training session.
Now mentally and emotionally you will need to be ready to get your mind whacked around a couple of times. Your new puppy can get your mind into a craze and become quite a hassle, yet as long as you keep your cool you will have a good dog training session. You will get mad and perhaps annoyed due to your dog not being able to learn what you are teaching. Patience is something that you really need to come out right now.
Finally remember, no yelling is necessary. Check out why yelling to your dog will not help.