American Pit Bull Terrier breed

American Pit Bull Terrier Breed
Also known as the APBT breed this breed of dogs are especially know for their loyalty to their owners and are excellent companions. They are very protective of their owners and love to have fun and be around you. One of the main things that stand out right away is that they are not good in a family setting. They are very self-centered around them and their respective partner, so this is one of the reasons to doubt them in a family setting.
Courageous, self-centered, loyal, fun, energetic and always laid back!
American Pit Bull Terriers are used many times for search and rescue missions, they have a great nose for finding these different things. This does not mean at all that they are not a good pet as a companion, this is just come good DNA things that the dog has.
The ABPT breed was first bred in the early 1800’s as a fighting breed. Yet these dogs proved to be too soft so eventually they became a more of a companion breed of dogs.
One of them many things that make them special among the other dog breeds are that they are fiercely loyal to their owner. Even if you are in peril expect your dog to go as far as sacrificing himself to save you. These dogs are amazing in that manner, and this really depends on the bond that you create with your dog.
Now a days many dogs are not a APBT yet it is a good for your dog to have some of that breed in them. It could one day save your life.

Here are some good pictures of APBT breeds!
American Pit Bull Terrier