Respect For Dogs

Woof. If you want me to follow your instruction, you better show some respect or I'll forever stay here looking cute
Dogs are not always respected like they should be many of the times. They do have feelings and a lot of the times people tend to forget about them.

Respect is the thing you have for someone great, could be the president, Lebron James or even your dad for that matter. Your respect is needed by your dog if you are expected them to do the same for you.

Respect does a lot for someone throughout the time. You are able to have a better relationship with your dog which leads many doorways to things such as dog training and controlling your dog when you want to. If they respect you then this will be easy but if they do not then you will be in trouble if an event ever occurs where you will need to stop your dog from something.

Teaching your dog and doing all the regular basic things are one this but an important thing that you rarely ever concentrate on it. Most people do develop this over time with there dog so it is not something that should be dreaded over. Yet it is important when it comes down to it in the end. More on dog respect article which I recommend you read up. Gaining respect - Part II.

Good luck, training your dog!