How To Train Dogs Without Yelling

Why does everyone yell? They do this all the time due to the fact that many people believe that their points will get across the louder they yell. Under many circumstances this is true but not when you want to train your dog. The simple process of how to train your dog without yelling will make you not only better trainer but will also help your relationship with your dog.

Sometimes it is very frustrating to train your dog, they do not do what you want and just horses around all day. You spend all this time on your dog and it seems that never ever works. Although these things may all be true you still need to calm yourself down and not yell.

Yelling can do either two things, provoke your dog to be more hyper and horse around more or get them to disobey you.

1) When you decide to yell your dogs take this as if you are trying to encourage him to keep playing like he does. Which means that your dog will become more hyper and keep on doing things that frustrate and make you mad. Keeping yourself cooled down is the only way to prevent any of this.
2) The opposite may occur depending on how your dog takes the yelling, they might be sad and not really do what you want it to do. Which means that the more you yell the worst this “silent treatment” will go on. This is not how to train dogs.

How to train dogs without yelling
It takes a few steps to keep your self calm and not yell at your dogs. You need a good setting, be relaxed and have a lot of energy.
Good setting-This not only means that you need to have nice open place to train your dog but you have the time to. When you need to get things done in 15 minutes it usually gets frustrating if you cant get it done by the last 5 minutes.
Relaxed-DO not train your dog right after work or after you just been exhausted, this creates a lots of stress and it makes it harder for both you and your dog to train. It takes both of you guys cooperation to make anything happen.
Energy-This goes hand and hand with being relaxed, you cannot be really exhausted when you do this training. Do your dog training when you are really hyped up with energy.

These are just a few tips and steps that you can take to know how to train your dog without yelling. Thanks