Gaining Respect From Your Dog

If you can command respect from them, they will likely heed and obey your instructions
Some dogs are really independent and they do not allow anyone else to have a say in what they can and cant do. Many of the times these kinds of dogs are referred to as the bad dogs. Truth is these dogs may be very unique and smart but only if you can win them over. If you are able to show your dog ownership by actions that you do then more likely then not they will follow you.

Bad respects:

1) Do not ever hit your dog for any reason unless it is very bad. Such as biting you or hurting someone, destroying a very precious item. Other then that make sure that you do some sort of punishment like not playing with it or giving it a stern look. Dogs can tell emotion and if you are mad they can tell for sure.

2) Keep your emotions under control, people tend to lose their emotions right when something bad seems to happen. This makes your dog look at you as if you cannot earn respect if you cant do something as simple as that.

Eventually over periods of a month or two of getting your dog, your dog will listen to you more and understand what your needs are and what their needs are. This continues to grow and you and your dog will have a great relationship with each other leading a to an easier time training your dog or potty training it.

Respect is a big thing in nature, you see it with tigers and lions. Deadly animals that you respect for their hard work and life. Even respect for humans that have done more than you thus it must be true that dogs will and can feel the same way about this.

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