Patience:1st skill needed by a dog trainer

Hard stare doesn't mean they understand, so be patient
Patience for a dog trainer when they start to train dogs is essential and everyone needs this to be successful in training a dog. Dogs are like kids especially when you adopt them as a puppy. You cannot be really angry or mad at them all the time, dogs will make mistakes and they will learn from this eventually so be patient.

Patience is the key to every dog training

Patience is the main key that leads you into all the other skills that you need to keep your dog training intact and have a fast training sessions. Do not ever lose your patients or your dog will think of you as a bad alpha dog or leader. This makes your dog that you are training less respectful.
The most common mistake is that people sometimes think that using force is often better than the soft approach. These people who follow emotions often fail and so does those who give up easily. I have compiled a list of things to avoid here and hopefully you should take it seriously.

1) How to train dogs without yelling

2) Showing love and respect for positive reinforcements

Challenges faced when training dogs

Dog training can be difficult and hard to fallow if you do not have the right materials and skills to properly train your dog. For that reason understanding how to use the right materials and acquiring the skills set will ensure things run efficiently.

Training skills;
-Patience: You need to make sure that you have spent some time with your dog and understand your dog thoroughly. Even if your dog is making a mistake, do not punish and yell excessively. Training your dog is no big secret but if you do not have patience you are already at a big disadvantage. Talk to your dog and have the understanding that many mistakes made during the training sessions are just something that you will need to correct and improve. Just work on it!
-Repetition: Training your dog to sit is going to take a while. So keep at it, do not train your dog to sit one day and then the next day do something different. Keep training your dog so that he or she is totally an expert at whatever command you are teaching at that time.