Puppy Housebreaking-Ring the Bell!

Regardless of the age of your dogs, it can never be too late to start the training.
If you ever have a bell somewhere around your house you may want to try this kind of housebreaking technique for your dog. It is strait-forward and really easy to do, but it has some things that you may want to be aware of.

The good:This method by far is the easiest method for your dog to do, it requires very little time and all you need is a bell that can be rung by your puppy. Some string and a door and that is just about all you will need for this housebreaking thing.

The Bad: Depending on the bell sometimes you may not hear the ring, it is only good when you are at home and close to your dog for the most part. Another thing is that the bell will ring every time that part is touched so you may have some false alarms which is never good when you are trying to housebreak your puppy.

Conclusion: All in all this is a method for people with maybe a one floor house or apartment and can spare  a bell to tie onto their front door.

Training:What you should do now is whenever you see your puppy urinating somewhere that you do not want it to all you have to do is say “NO!”(In a stern but normal voice) then take it to the door and use your puppies paw to ring the bell.put the bell somewhere where the dog can reach it without your help, such as around the door knob that extends to a point that your puppy can reach it.

After you do that go outside with the dog and let it finish his or her business and take it back inside.

Do this for about 2-4 days and your dog should be all set and ready to go, of course you have to do this everyday and every time to get this to work.

The results:You should hear the bell ringing which means that you will need to open the door and let your dog out, which is what you will need to do.