English Bulldog: Training, Information, Care

The English Bull dog is a great dog to have they are extremely friendly with any other family members that you have in your house. More then that these dogs have a lot of loyalty for their family, the only big bad thing about English Bulldogs is that they are sometimes stubborn.

Taking care of your English bulldog is very easy to do, just use some cloth to brush it with, it has very small amounts of fur. Do not feed your this dog too much food, they tend to not like exercise so it will gain a lot of weight over the course of years if you over feed your English bulldog. Powder the skin and flaps during the summer to relieve the hot temperature and cool your dog down.

English bulldogs does not get enough exercise that leads to a increasing amount of fat in their body. This causes a lot of health problems such as stroke, cancer and different lethal diseases like that. Another problem is that English bulldogs already have a higher fat content which means they overheat a lot. Putting them in a hot car or in the hot attic can be very dangerous for your dog.


English bulldogs tend to need a lot of encouragement when you are asking it to dog some sort of trick. Housebreaking is far easier and you can do it very easily if you just use a treat that your dog likes a lot. Another idea is to be very affectionate towards your English bulldog and they will show you that loyalty and affection back!