Housebreaking Strategies-Newspaper Method

All you need is newspaper to try out this housebreaking method.
Puppy Housebreaking Strategy!
One of the most convenient ways to keep your house and your yard in good condition is to use newspapers or any other cloth type thing to use.

How is this good?
Most dog owners do not want them to have their dogs urinate on their yard because the urine makes your grass yellow. Now you have all these yellow spots all over your front and back yard leading to a bad overall looking house. Another thing is that it is safer, their is no cars or ticks that may be outside. To sum it all up, housebreaking your dog to pee on a newspaper is a lot easier, and safer even if it may not be the safest.

Implementing This Method!

This housebreaking for your dog is very simple to do and can be done in a matters of days. Of course not all dogs are able to do this in a matter of days, it should take at most 2 weeks. If you do not see results in 2 weeks then you are doing something wrong so make sure you are housebreaking your dog right and try it again.

Steps to housebreaking your dog with newspapers:
1: Keep a couple layers of newspaper near your kitchen or anyplace that you tile floors at.
2: When your puppy starts to urinate and you are able to catch this, say NO! in a stern voice and then bring the puppy to the newspaper you put out in step 1.
3: Keep doing this consistently, not just once or twice and let it go, if you do that then this housebreaking method will have no effect whatsoever.

Around the 5th time you do this you should start to see some independent actions, like your puppy is starting to understand you. This puppy housebreaking strategy involves heavily on you being consistent in till your dog knows what to do.

Another effective method to housebreak your dog is using “Ring the Bell” method. Be sure to follow closely the development and choose which strategy to use that is most suitable for your type of dogs.