How To Train Shi Tzu

Shi Tzu is a very friendly but small dog; of course this doesn’t mean it has to act like they are small. Although friendly and adorable Shi Tzu has a strong love for their owner and will do anything to protect them so they are aggressive towards other dogs. However when it comes to training your Shi Tzu they are very smart which makes them reasonably easy to train. The thing is that with this breed is very dominant, so you have to show your dog that you’re the alpha dog. Making your dog listen to you and not the other way around. If not then your dog will be less responsive to your commands as it does not recognize you as someone with power.

Choose when to reward this breed of dog as they can become spoiled very easily; only give your dog a treat if they earned it. If you do not do this then you will be left with a dog wanting a treat every time you come near it. Now you have to deal with a spoiled dog that will get full off of treats and you spending money on these treats.

So in the end the most important thing you have to worry about this breed of dogs is that you need to show that you are the owner and do not spoil it. Check out these great how to train shi tzu videos.

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