How To Train Beagles

Before we get into how to train beagles I want to share some background information about beagles with you. Beagles are one of the most common dogs in households because of their size and that they are very smart and adorable. In the old days these dogs were good hunting dogs with their keen sense of smell and they are considered very active dogs. 

Still every kind of dogs has their disadvantages so here they are.
Beagles are very active which means that they need to have someone accompanying them at all times, that is why it is a good idea that you have another dog. Also they are independent making it harder for you to train them as they will not listen to you as much. This doesn’t mean that they are bad dogs; it means just need something to get the dog to train, treats and foods are your best choice. Keep in mind that these dogs love to dig which is what we will cover next.

Beagles digging habit
Digging becomes a bad habit because beagles love to dig, either it is for fun or because they are trying to get cool no one wants a bunch of holes in their back yard. If you leave your dog in the back yard and you don’t have a dog house for it your beagle will start digging to stay cool or warm up. The solution is to hurry up and get a dog house for your dog. Now if you don’t spend a lot of time with your dog and leave it in your yard make sure you have a lot of things for it to do. Toys that it likes, other dogs and anything else it can do. This is because if you don’t then they will start digging, this breed of dogs are known for their digging, it doesn’t mean that your dog will dig but there is a good chance.

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