Puppy Training Tips

So puppies are just as hard to train as other dogs they just learn at a faster rate than older dogs. Here are some puppy training tips to help you train your puppy.
It is most likely that you got your dog when it was just a puppy as that is when most people sell them or give them away. Now puppies refers to the dog when they are at a young age about 1 human year is when they become dogs and not puppies anymore.
Puppies are able to hold onto more of the information then dogs that are older. So that is why it is critical for you to train them at a young age, also if you let your dog grow without training it can become too wild. Potty training and training your dog to come and go at your command is vital before they get into bad habits.
Here are some tips to train your puppy:
1) Your puppy is young and energetic for the most part, it does not want to be stuck in a cage so make sure that you spend a lot of time with your puppy. This time has to be quality time so don’t be trying to teach your dog something while you are watching TV. It isn’t like they are that dumb they can tell when you actually spend time with them.
2) When you are training your puppy it is vital that you don’t hurt your dog. Doing this will only make your training sessions harder with your puppy. This is because they will get the idea that you are not their friend thus they will give you a harder time.
3) It is a good idea that you teach your dog at an early age of 6 to 8 months, too young and your dog won’t remember all the information, too old and you might have a habit to break.
4) Patience, this is something you have to have for any dog. It is vital because if you just get mad and blow up during the middle of a training session with your dog then it shows him or her that you do not have patience. You don’t want to do this to your dog, it will makes a bad relationship between you and the dog.
Now you understand you understand the basics of training your puppy. If you fallow these puppy training tips it will make it easier for you to train your pup. Like Terrier pups? Then you shouldn't miss this article about training Yorkshire Terriers.