How To Train Labrador Dogs

Labradors are adorable and they are pretty decent sized as well. Many people choose to have these dogs in their household but they don’t know how to train dogs that are labs. Labs are very popular and they are love dogs, we call them love dogs because every single dog of that breed are the healthiest and at their best when they are loved very much. They don’t require you to be the alpha dog, many of the times they will submit to you.
Labradors can become big dogs as they are in a medium-large class size dogs. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you train your dog. Since Labradors are such big dogs you cannot have them jump on people, even if they are a puppy and weight 20lbs. Once they get to weight 80-120lbs jumping on people will not only hurt them but could kill smaller children. Your Labrador does not understand this; they keep thinking that they are showing love by jumping on people. So be sure you know your dog training as we will talk about later. The good is that these dogs are naturally feared, so if you wanted it to be a guard dog here is your dog. Also not only are they feared because of their size but Labradors have a good sense of smell and detection to be a guard dog.

Training Labradors
So when you are training your dog, hopefully at puppy age, keep in mind the size of your dog now and later. Yes when you are training your dog to play tug with you and jumping on your lap that is perfectly fine. Keep in mind that his size will be about 5 times greater when your puppy grows up; now picture that much weight on your legs and jumping into you. So what I’m suggesting is that you train your dog to now jump on people and sit next to them instead of on their laps.

Other than that other tricks you can definitely train your Labrador as they are outstanding learners and very smart as well. Puppy age is the best time to train them so do not try to train your dog earlier or later as it will not have as big of an effect as it will have during the puppy period.
If you chose the guard dog, then use plenty of time training your labs in fitness and exercise. Not only do they need the exercise but you will also increase your labs mood and happiness levels which is something you defiantly would want.

Tips to watch out
1) Labradors tend to gain weight if you don’t spend enough time training him or her, so spend at least 3 hours of quality time either jogging with it or playing catch. Anything to get your dog to burn some calories.
2) When Labradors get overweight they develop this hip problem later in their life that will reduce their ability to use their hind legs.
3) Labradors are amazing animals that will just love you to death, show them the same love back as well or they will get very sad and depressed.
That’s all on Labradors and how to train dogs. Check out the great videos below about them.