How To Train Boxer Breed

boxer puppies
Boxers are big dogs and you will get much love from these dogs. They have a good temperament making them apart from other dogs in terms of training boxers. Plus who can resist the handsome face of this breed of dog, it is just unbearable. This breed is also perfect for families as it will play and get along with each family member.
These dogs were made to be dogs that hunt big games such as bison, wild hogs and other medium sized animals. German Bullenbeisser mixed with the English bulldog made this animal and even to this day they are a great animal to have. They originated in Europe and eventually spread all throughout the world and are a common mix and breed in the United States.
Size and features
The boxer breed can weigh as much as 80 lbs fully grown; this is very big for a dog. When they are puppies they are usually about 10-20lbs, this is the best time to train them by the way. Boxers have a strong neck and shoulder muscles which works great when you are going to do some dog training. Females have a height advantage over the males but not by much, they usually range from 23-27in tall.
Boxer puppies are cute as well but you will need some puppy training for them immediately because they are hunting dogs. All that energy they have in them needs to be spent or they will do some things you won’t like (like tearing apart your couch or making holes in your carpet). In the same topic you also need to give it lots of time to just run around or play, so having a big fenced in back yard is pretty ideal setting for a boxer pup.

Things you need to know! Boxer Dog health problems
Please make sure you look at these notes about boxers as they will help you know more about boxer dogs and will help you out a low.
1) White coat boxers-These are not common in today’s world because they are very prone to getting a skin problems and are link to a genetic disorder of deafness.
2) Boxers are not use to harsh winter climates, their coats are sleek and harsh cold winds will cause your dog problems.
3) Boxers are in trouble if they are overweight actually all dogs are in a bad spot if they are overweight. Obesity will have continuous troubles for the dog so remember to take your dog for a walk every day and hopefully get some other exercises in.
full grown boxer
I have a boxer dog and if you have questions on how to train dogs like the boxer just send me a comment here.

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