How To Have A Healthy Dog

Three main things make up the health of your dog. These three are what I call exercise, food and DNA. Of course the one that you cannot really factor in is the DNA so that users can have to rely on the parents of the dog. Now this article about how to have a healthy dog that will go over the main two points that you can have an impact in.

One of course is how much effort you put into exercising your dog, many of the times all you have to do is take down the short run or walk twice a day. Depending on how much you feed your dog and what you feed your dog you might have to do more. Really good exercise activities that I do are playing tug-of-war with a dog or a quick game of catch. It really doesn’t matter what you do with your dog as long as they get exercise out of it.

Now comes the real deal, dog treats are one of the worst things that you can feed your dog. There is a reason why they love the dog treats so much, it is just like I would like to fast food so much it taste so good but is very unhealthy for us. So the next time you go out buying dog treats look for something that is much healthier for your dog as opposed to something that it likes. Dogs are smart but that doesn’t mean that they can tell which foods are good for them which food will make them fat.

Also check out these top 10 foods that you should not feed your dog that humans can eat. Many people think that they could just take food from the countertops and it is all right for the dog to eat. This is not true some foods that humans are able to eat are very deadly to dogs.

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