3 Way To Potty Train Your Dog

There are many ways to housebreak your dog or many people call it potty training. This, if you don’t know, is when you train your dog to urinate and poop in a specific location or place. Many people do this because they don’t want their puppy or dog to urinate on their carpets or poop on their floors. This makes it a hassle to clean up and it will have a terrible smell for sure. Here on my list I include three easy ways to help you potty train your dog.

In the middle of it!

Sorry for the funny name on this dog training method but what this method does is very effective and I use it all the time. This method has to be when you catch your dog in the middle of doing it you say no or something to make it stop. Afterwards, take it to the place where you want it to finish, and let it finish their. I have a doggy door on my front door so I take them through the door and into the lawn where they can do their thing. After doing this about 2-3 times, they get the idea that they need to do it outside and bam, you just potty trained your dog. Now this isn’t a method that works on all dogs, two more methods on training dogs underneath, try them out first.

Dog treats

This is also one of the methods that work the best for dog owners. This potty training methods involves you taking your dog out on walks and you have to bring treats with you. Whenever your dog does its thing you wait until he or she is finished. Then praise it and give it a treat, this makes the dog think that he or she is doing something good if he or she does this. Eventually after a week or two (most dogs) your dog will only do eliminate its waste only when you take it out on a walk. Remember that you have to take your dog out pretty frequently to have this work; taking your dog out 2-3 times a day is pretty standard. If not then this method will not be an effective potty training method for you.

Stern words

Using stern words but not getting mad can be a challenge for some people, you have to give your dog a stern look and say no. This way it knows that you dislike what he or she is doing and if you take it outside or something they will know to do it there. This is a alternative to the two other potty training method, the two on top is the most effective.
Here are some tips to use when you are doing this.
1) Try to potty train your dog at an early age, once it gets older then it become a habit and getting your dog potty trained will be hard.
2) Don’t use force, doing this will not only hurt the dog but it will get the dog to think that you are not a friend of it and will ignore you more and more.

If you like to read more, there are additional tips on effective housebreaking your pet dogs.