How To Train Dogs The Right Way

How to train your dog or puppy

Dog training is not hard at all to do, it is actually very simple to me but this may not be the same to you. So what is the difference between you and me, well one thing is knowledge and another is probably experience. These are the two things that you will need most in trying to train your dog.


You have to know your thing, before trying to train your dog to jump or something like that make sure that you know about the ways to train your dog to jump. It is bad to randomly train your dog using methods that you don’t even know if they will work or not. It does not always mean reading a book about how to train dogs; it can be simple as watching a short video. I prefer to watch dog training videos as they are easier to understand and most of the time the trainer is showing you how to do it right there. That is why I have many videos that I will post on my blog to help you guys out.


All dogs are pretty different in the way that they can be trained, you can have a dog that can sit, jump, shake and rollover in two hours or you can have a dog that can barely sit in two hours. So you will need experience, the experience I’m talking about here is the kind that you get when you have trained dogs for a couple of years. Also you need to find out what sort of personality your dog has, whether it is very lazy or hyper you will eventually find out.

Rules to having a great relationship with your dog

1) Always try to spend some quality time with your dog, I can’t stress enough that you can’t fake your time with your dog. I mean fake by the way that some people try to watch TV while telling their dog to sit or on the computer and telling their dog to rollover. If you try to do this it will be as useful as you not training it at all.

2) Be patient, not all dogs can learn at the same rate so if you dogs a slow learner don’t get mad at it. Getting mad at your dog is like the worst thing that you can do, it will make it harder for you to train it as time goes on.

3) Be gentle, this goes along with my last rule about being patient. If you use too much force with your voice you will scare it which is not what you want. Also do not hurt your dog, this will get your dog to think that you are not his friend and they will retaliate or totally ignore you. You can train your dog very well without the use of force; try using a serious face or a stern and moderately loud voice. This way, your dog understands that this is a serious matter and they will be easier to train this way.

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