Dogs That Are Hard To Train

Not all dogs are created equal-some dogs will gladly follow the commands of the pack leader while some are born to lead. This sort of goes into how you are able to train your dog if your dog doesn’t like to follow your orders because they think that they are the leader. Some other dogs easier training for sure make your life easier because they will do everything that you want them to do.

Hard to train dogs are the same as dogs are easier to train doesn’t mean that they don’t love you as much it just means that they are more independent or dominant. These are basically the two characteristics in the dog that will make them hard to train. Now we will go into a more detailed explanation about these two characteristics.

This is by far the most commonly demonstrated traits in Dogs that are hard to train. You can view independent dog as someone that does not feel the need to constantly please their owner. Only some dogs these dollars are hard to train because of that characteristic in them.
Now you may wonder how you could tell if your dog is a dog that has this trait?

Here are some of the signs that you can see:
-independent dogs may show a different to other dogs. For example most dogs like to be petted or rubbed on the belly. If your dog doesn’t like this it doesn’t mean that it has these characteristics but it could be a sign that they do have it.
-another sign is they won’t respond you as much as you would think they would. You might have to call your dog a couple times just to get their attention.
Now to fix this all you have to do is find something that it liked very much. Usually a toy or a snack and use it to train your dog. Make them rollover just to get the treat or the toy and you will know how to train your dog in no time. You will also need to learn up on when to reprimand and when to reward.