How To Train Dogs Part 2

The second part of the “how to train dogs” series will cover everything you need to keep your pet healthy. A healthy pet means that you are able to keep your dog longer and cherish more time with it. Being healthy means that you have to give it daily walks, and maybe even exercise as well as feeding it good food.

Getting close to the dog and trying to understand through training
Dog food is basically the best that you can do for your dog, not only does it have all the daily vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs but is slimmed down. Their is usually very little to no fat in these foods plus they are cheap and can be transported easily. Health wise the only way you can be healthier is if you prepare your dogs mean each and everyday, and that can be very hard to do sometimes as we all have lives. Milk and water are the best liquids for your dog, they can also have something sweet every once in a while as a treat but make sure that they can eat it because some things are only edible to human and are poisonous to dogs.( 5 Harmful Foods for Dogs.)
Another thing is snacks, they are very effective and great to train with but they should only be fed to your dog every once in a while. Snacks usually contain high amounts of fat, cholesterol and other unwanted substances. Use them wisely, as this will greatly benefit your dog.
Most people would exercise their dogs by taking them on walks and runs and that is the usual. Sometimes you can see that your dog is getting chubby and if you do it is a good idea to take the initiative and train your dog to be more fit. Instead of just walks, try to introduce other activities like catch and tag. Some dogs can even learn how to play soccer if you take the time to teach it. Not only will exercise help your dogs health it will keep it from being hyper at other times. Seems like hitting two birds with one stone eh!
Exercise can also give your dog more muscle for them to use at their disposal later on, which is another thing that is great. As you grow older your body starts to deteriorate, a dog’s body has the same effect except they deteriorate faster and at a faster pace.