Dog Leashes

Taking your dog on walks are a natural part of your life with your dog, if you are not doing this, i think their is something wrong with you.Walks are something that every dog owner should do more frequently, it allows your dog to have a breath of fresh air, let them do their business, and takes care of their restlessness. When you walk your dog, and many other things, you need to have a leash and this guide will show you all the many kinds of leashes that you can have.

Dog training Leash
These are the kinds that you may see people have for the most part, they are the ones that people use for training because of how flexible they are. Many of the times they are made out of rubber and other elastic materials making them more comfy for you and your dog. Another advantage of this material is the fact that you are able to tug on the strings without hurting your dogs too much.
Puppy Body Leashes
These are usually for puppies that have not fully develop the muscles and bones in their neck. Although this happens rarely, dog owners can snap the necks of puppies if they tuck on their collar leashes too much. Another idea behind using this body leashes is that you have more control over your dog. These usually cost a small amount more than the regular collar ones and can be something that you may use.
Retractable Dog Leashes
Although not very popular to being with these kinds of leashes has been having a massive breakthrough. Being able to control how long you want the leash to be can be useful in many ways. Dog owners can choose between having the dog roam on its own, or if their is too many people or an obstacle in the way the owners are able to shorten the leash to protect their dogs. Another idea behind this kind of leash is for dog training, you can still train your dog with this lash on because of how far it can reach. Playing a small game of catch and come is something that is ideal with this leash.
All these dog leashes has their own benefits and faults, you just need to see which one will benefit you the most and that will probably be the best. Their is another kind of leash known as the choke leash, these i will not recommend due the them hurting your dog. If your dog is that undisciplined then you better train it some more before anything else.