Effective Training & Detecting Abnormal Health Symptoms

In order to ensure effective training, the dog should be healthy. Quite often they will not respond well to the training routine if they show signs of fatigue or when they are sick. Abnormal health symptom is generally an early sign or warning to a disease. Usually when you notice symptoms developing, you should start to take preventive measures and don’t wait until it’s too late. Most often people will take things for granted and one should never overlook on this matter because all diseases can become harder to cure as it advanced to later stage. Disease and sickness can prove to be a nightmare to every pet owner especially to the dogs having to endure through these difficult times and this will adversely affect how they respond to the training. Depending on which sickness, dog health symptom may vary and show different characteristics. We shall discuss some of the common dog health symptom and the disease associated with it.

Decrease in activity
Dogs when ill will naturally reluctant to move or respond to calls. Things or activities which they enjoy doing previously may not be exhibited during these times. Do check also whether your dogs have been sleeping longer hours more than normal. Sometimes the decrease in activity can be due to bodily injury or internal injury. If this is the case, what you should do is to find or check for any physical wounds. Be prepared because it is a warning of more bad news to come.
Abnormal bowel discharge
For those observant owners, it is always recommended to check the stools for any abnormal discharge. Sometimes, but not always, if the dog is suffering from worm infections, you could easily find worms discharge along with the stools. If the discharge is too watery, it could also mean that the dog is being unhealthy.
Decrease in appetite
Appetite is always a good indicator for any sign of illness. If you notice the dogs suddenly experiencing decrease in appetite, then you should start to be alarmed. If weight loss follows suit, then you should check for worm infections as this is the most probable cause.
Increase fluid discharge
Sometimes, you will notice high discharge of fluids from the ear, nose and eyes. This is especially the case when the discharge is colored.
Itching and scratching
When you see this occurs, the first thing that comes to your mind is fleas infestation. Check also for skin problems and whether there might be ring worm spots.
Always remember that prevention is better than cure. If you notice strange behavior, don’t wait until it’s too late before you take actions.