Tips on How to Train Dogs

With the right approach and the best tips coming from experts, everything would be easy
This is strongly believed that the Dogs are the best friends of humans and it’s proved scientifically as well. The dogs are very faithful animals. They do whatever they are being asked to. But by just owning dogs doesn’t assure that they will be well trained by their own and will be able to follow all your instructions. For this reason it is very essential for you to train dogs about some tricks along with basic obedience.
Below given are some tips on how to train dogs in a way that they follow your instructions:
  • Treat Them: This is scientifically proved that dogs react on the food. Hence, to get what you want them to do just give them a treat after they follow your instructions. Just reinforce the positive responses and if they don’t follow your instruction take away the food from them until they do what you have asked them for.
  • Daily Practice: Practice is very important to train the dogs or any other pet. This way they will never forget what have been taught to them by you.
  • Iterate The Actions: The consistency must be maintained while you train dogs. This will increase their understanding and memory. Make each action repeated for 5 to 6 times.
  • Clicker: This is a tool that will train dogs to follow your instruction on the basis of sound and smell. Just train your dogs to recognize various sounds. The dogs are well known for their sense of smelling and listening. The dogs can associate the sound with the command you give and follow your instructions.
  • Train by Physical Actions: Dogs can relate your commands with the motions of your hand. For example, train dogs to fetch the ball verbally along with the hand indications and they will understand what you want them to do.
Hope these tips will be helpful for you to train dogs.