How to Train Dogs Come To You

Whether they are listening or not, you still need to get their attention
Many times you may be stuck with a dog that doesn’t listen to you especially when you want it to come to you or something similar to that. Keeping your dog on a leash all the time can be irritating for the dog and annoying to you. So teaching your dog to come to you can be very useful in many situations.

You can use this skill in a variety of ways, many of them in dangerous situations like when your dog decides to walk onto the road. Telling it to come to you will prevent many accidents like these.

Do not mistaken this with your dog coming to you whenever you call there name, this way you sound more happy and you are asking the dog to come to you. The way you are going to be taught is a command that your dog will fallow so there is no hesitation or anything else that may hurt or kill your dog.

Things to do beforehand:

Training your dog can may take a while for this command, so make sure you have enough time. Also it will take a lot of dog treats so make sure you have to as well(hopefully healthy ones!).

Dog training Steps:

1)Call your dogs name, and make sure it comes to you. While you are doing this make sure whatever you are saying when you call the dog is clear. I would say thing like “come” or “her,buddy” of course your dogs name always work as well.

2)Use your treats to constantly get the dog back and forth with you or more then one person. If it is two people, all you need to do is have both have a bag of treats and just offer it to the dog one by one. This will give your dog a great exercise too!

3)Keep doing this for about 10 minutes and make sure you give some complements to your dog to tell it that it is doing the right thing. This will ensure a faster learning process for your dog.

Getting to know how to train your dog can be hard because dogs are like humans and they will not automatically know this. Be gentle and careful when you are training your dog.