How To Train German Shepherds

German Shepherd were bred to be mainly hunting dogs and they were first breed in Germany but are good how to train dogs. They usually have a golden yellow coat mixed with black and their ears are pointed upwards. This gives the dog a more of a wolf-like appearance then other breeds of dogs. They are medium sized dogs weighing from 40-65lbs love to learn!

Dog Training
1) German Shepherd are pack dogs thus you need to show you authority and show the dog that you are the leader not the dog. If you decide not to do this your German Shepherd will take over and it will be difficult for you to train the dog.
2) You need their undivided attention for sure, they are hunting dogs and can notice the smallest noise so it is a good choice to have a quiet environment when training your German Shepherd.
3) Have a consistency in your dog training, teach the same way and have the same methods of training. If you don’t then your German Shepherd can possibly be confused making it harder to teach your dog that same move. So when training your dog keep doing your moves to train the dog in a consistent manner.
4) You will need age when you are training your German Shepherd, they need to be trained at the age of 8 months. These eager to learn dogs will get the most out of their puppy training if you train them at this age or near it.
5) Although 8 months is the best time to train German Shepherd, German Shepherd are very smart and they can be trained at just about any age. So it is never too late to train these dogs, never give up on training your German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Puppies:
They are very cute but they are also very smart. The German Shepherd are just genetically smart thus you really cant complain about them. Many of them will be fit if you take your time to exercise them daily.

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