Dry Dog Food Vs Canned Dog Food

To prepare your pets for training program, make sure that you provide varied high quality foods for best dog health
Everyone goes to a store and sees two different kinds of food for their dogs. One kind is the regular dry kind that is popular everywhere and is fed to your dog’s the most. Another kind is the canned dog food that has more moisture in them but who knows if they are as good as the dry food and look at their price. Now here is the explanation between these two different kinds of food and as well as the good and bad of both of them.

Dry Dog Food
Many of these products are rice or soy based and highly nutritious. Fit for just about any kind of dogs these are the best food that your dog can have. As long as you have a nice little bowl of water for your dog then this will be the healthiest and cheapest choice. Dog foods that are dry have a lot of nutrients in them so you don’t have to worry for the most part about their diets or anything like that. Also you can get a big 50lb bag for about $20-$40 so that is very easy to think about getting. Although think about your dog for a moment, Is this the best food that you can give your dog?

Canned Dog Food
Canned dog food is very moist and juicy; it will make your dog’s mouth water at the sight of it. With all the water in the can not a lot of nutrients can be put in, hence why pills come in dry form. Plus the price of each can is about $1-$3 so you have to watch how much you get. Since there is not as much nutrients in the same amount of canned dog food to dry dog food you need to feed your dog more food to fill in that gap. Calorie wise many canned foods are fattening compared to dry food for dogs.

Overall I suggest that you use the traditional dry dog food. Cheaper and nutritious that is the best deals that are available on the market. Though every once in a while I would think your dog need something to eat, so give it some canned dog food. It is like comparing a steak to salads, even though the salad is healthier and very cost efficient, this doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have steak every once in a while. Think about your dogs, they have a feeling remember that.

Lastly the best option is, if you want the best for your pet dogs, why not try out home made diets and how to prepare them.