7 Foods Not To Feed Dogs!

Food are specially made for dogs for a specific reason, not just because they want to earn money. There are many foods that dogs cannot eat and if you do feed them it it will affect there health. Here are a list of the top 7 foods that you should not feed dogs.

Chocolate- This is one of the foods/treats that many people give their dogs but this is one of the worst foods to give your dogs. Your dogs nervous system will be affected because of the caffeine in chocolate. Likewise anything with caffeine, such as tea,coffee and caffeinated soda pops should not be fed to dogs.

Fruits such as grapes-Many people think that grapes are good for humans so that should be the same for dogs. This is wrong, grapes contain a toxin that will damage the dog’s kidneys. Same with raisin, as it is just dried grapes.

Pork- This is a good meat to give your dogs every one in a while because too much pork causes dogs to develop diarrhea. So if you want to give it a treat for a day or two that is fine,anything more will harm it.

Mushrooms- Their is toxins in mushrooms that humans can break down but dogs cannot,and these toxins can put your dogs life at risk. So mushrooms are a bad idea to keep around or near dogs, as well as feeding it mushrooms.

Milk (And products that has milk in it)- the lactose enzyme is needed to digest milk and dogs do not have enough of this enzyme. So if you want to give your dog a treat, buy something that has been proven to not harm them.

Onions & Garlic- they both contain ingredients that can affect the dog’s red blood cells. Eaten in large quantities, these items can cause the dog to become anemic.

Spicy foods- These are too acidic for the stomach of dogs to handle.

Here it is, 7 foods you should never give your dog without expecting the dog to become ill or develop a serious health condition. They should be avoided all together if you want a healthy dog. Doing this will keep you from lousy trips to the vets and loads of money cost.