5 tips to a healthy dog!

5 tips to a healthy dog!

So we will go over then things that are very important if you want to have a dog that is still healthy within 4 years.
1) Pets age as well but they age even faster; know when you have to stop playing running games and tug of war with your dog. Smaller dogs will live for around 11-13 years, 20 lbs or less. Medium dogs live around 9-11 and the large dogs have a life span of about 7-8 years. Understand when your dog gets old and when you will need to take care of him or her better.

2) When your dog gets old keep it a regular thing to do checks on your dog every 3-4 months. This way if there is any problem with your dog doing this will make sure you get this detected and dealt with early.

3) Have a good look at your pet to detect anything weird about him. Since dogs are more of a natural instinct sort of pet they will hide anything that may be wrong with them. So make sure that you have good checks so that you will have a good healthy dog.

4) Weight control is an important factor over time, obesity will limit the lifespan of your dog so it it vital to pay attention to this. Your dogs health will slowly shorten when they are obese this is because this causes stress on many other organs which leads to the failure of those organs. Remember to feed your dog well and if you need help just look at our obesity article here.

5) Exercise; with this your dog will have a stronger bone, ligaments and tendons to last longer physically. If you have 10 lbs of muscle this is harder to lose those muscles then only 2 lbs of muscles.
With these 5 tips your dog will surly live a long and healthy dog life. I will have 5 more tips that will be important on my net article.

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